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At the forefront of industry innovation, we offer unmatched professional consulting services that transform and propel your business in the digital age.
Since 2022 LunarTech Technologies brings the smartest people together offering exceptional consulting services for the biggest players.

There’s a reason we’re leading the market

Experience the LunarTech Technologies—expertise and innovation that define our market leadership in tech consulting.

Innovation as a Standard

Our relentless pursuit of innovation ensures that we are not just participants but leaders in the market. We constantly redefine what is possible, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

Excellence in Execution

Our market leadership is built on a foundation of excellence. From strategy to implementation, we maintain the highest standards, ensuring every solution is a step towards redefining industry benchmarks.

Client-Centric Approach

We lead because we listen. Our client-centric approach keeps us attuned to the needs of those we serve, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Future-Focused Vision

Staying ahead requires a keen eye on the horizon. Our foresight into evolving market trends and emerging technologies positions us at the vanguard, driving the market forward with our visionary outlook.

The legendary board members

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Tatev Aslanyan

Tatev’s expertise in data science translates into strategic innovations and educational excellence, propelling LunarTech to the vanguard of industry evolution.

Vahe Aslanyan

Vahe is at the forefront of software evolution, transforming complex technology into streamlined solutions that advance business and learning.